How to interact with memcached on freistilbox

On freistilbox, you have access to a dedicated memcache service for your cluster. You can find its IP address in the config snippets we provide. These snippets are placed under the siteuser’s home directory in current/config/drupal/ and are called settings-d*-memcache.php, one for each drupal version - the IP address is the same for each of them.

Please note that we firewall our memcached installations so that they’re not reachable through the internet. You can interact with it from the shellhost, using a combination of echo and netcat commands.

Get memcached statistics

Issue the following on your shellhost. Do not forget to replace with your actual memcached IP address:

echo stats | nc 11211

Flush memcached objects

echo flush_all | nc 11211

More memcached commands

Find here a complete list of commands you can send to memcached.