Domains and DNS

Domain types

Each of your websites can have as many domain names as necessary. You can choose between several types of domains that behave differently:

  • Main domain
  • Alias domains
  • Redirect domains

Main domain

This is the canonical domain name under which you want your website to be known.

Alias domains

These are alternative domain names under which your website can be reached additionally to the main domain.

NOTE: In order to avoid a “duplicate content” penalty n search engines, you should make sure that your website does not serve the same content under different names. Using Redirect Domains instead may be the better alternative.

Redirect domains

Visitors that use these domain names get automatically redirected to the site’s main domain.


When your website instance is created, it is assigned a public IP address. In the Domain Name Service (DNS), this IP address needs to be assigned as an A record to all domain names you intend to use for the website.

Our ops engineers will happily take care of registering and operating your DNS for you. We recommend this approach because there are many aspects to running DNS properly.

If you’d like to manage DNS for your website yourself, please refer to our DNS documentation for the details.