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Every 24h, freistilbox makes backups of all your website data:

  • Git repository
  • Database
  • Asset files

We hold on to backups for a minimum of 5 days.

We recommend creating additional backups of your application data and storing them offsite, i.e. outside of the freistilbox platform, so you have a last resort in the catastrophic event freistilbox becomes unavailable completely.

Git repository

The application repository can only be restored as a whole. Since you’ve probably got a clone of the repository that’s more recent than our backup, we can alternatively wipe the freistilbox repository so you can simply push your data again.


Databases are backed up as logical dumps. If you need to restore a database backup, we can make the dump available to you in your website’s file storage.

Asset files

Asset files can be restored by our operations team directly to their original location.