Your first website

How to add a website to your freistilbox cluster

In the freistilbox Dashboard, select the cluster to which you’d like to add your website and click “Create new website”.

Adding a new website

freistilbox will create a new website for you and display its details on a separate page. This page is separated into different sections, each of which controls a specific aspect of the website’s configuration.

Adding collaborators

If you’d like to grant access to one or more users, you can add them in the “Users” section. You can assign each user one of the following roles:

  • Admin: This user can make changes to the website details on the freistilbox dashboard.
  • Collaborator: This user can view the website details on the freistilbox dashboard but not change them.

For every user assigned to the website, regardless of their role, freistilbox will deploy their SSH keys to the website’s git repository and service box.

You can find more on this topic in the article “Access Management”

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