Using Drush

Selecting the PHP version to execute Drush

Since freistilbox provides several PHP versions, a little additional setup is required to make sure the correct version of the php command line interpreter is used for executing Drush and its sub-processes.

Please refer to Using the correct PHP CLI version for the details.

How to create a site alias

Since you have access to a dedicated shell login host, using Drush for Drupal maintenance is easy.

Here is a minimal aliases.drushrc.php:

$aliases['s123'] = array(
  'uri' => '',
  'root' => '/srv/www/freistilbox/home/s123/current/docroot',
  'remote-host' => '',
  'remote-user' => 's123',

As always, replace the parts for site ID (“s123”) and shell login host (“cXXs”) with the actual values corresponding with your website instance.

How to query the actual settings in Drupal 8

Neither the Drupal 8 admin interface nor the Drush cget command will by default reflect configuration settings made in include files such as our configuration snippets:

$ drush cget syslog.settings
identity: drupal
facility: '128'

To get the actual value of a configuration setting, use the --include-overridden switch:

$ drush cget syslog.settings --include-overridden
identity: s1503
facility: '128'