Selecting a PHP version

While older freistilbox setups only supported a single PHP version, customers on newer plans can choose between multiple current PHP versions on a per-website basis.

In your cluster’s detail information, you’ll find which versions it supports:

"PHP versions available on a cluster"

For each of your websites, you can then select one of these versions:

"Choosing a PHP version"

Using the correct PHP CLI version

On your shell box, you need to make sure to use the correct version of php CLI interpreter. Since most customers need to use different PHP versions between their websites, the shell box has packages installed for all available PHP versions. Each package offers a versioned name of the CLI interpreter, for example php7.3 for PHP version 7.3. Using a versioned binary works in simple cases but more often than not, tools like Drush will call the PHP interpreter via the non-versioned php command.

By default, the php command will run the latest PHP version available on the shell box – which might not be what you want.

In order to make sure that calling php actually triggers the interpreter version that fits your website setup, freistilbox introduces an environment variable named PHP_VERSION that you need to set correctly. For example, if PHP_VERSION is set to 7.3, executing the php command will run PHP version 7.3.

Here is an example how to set things up correctly to run Drush with PHP version 7.3:

export PHP_VERSION="7.3"
drush updatedb