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Why application code is read-only on freistilbox

If your web application tries to modify its own files, for example in order to auto-install an update, it will fail.

The reason is that our managed hosting platform needs to maintain consistency of your application code across multiple application boxes. This consistency would be compromised if an application process running on a single box would be allowed to make changes to its local application code only. That’s why application code on freistilbox is read-only. (Your application can of course create asset files but they are stored separately on a shared storage system.)

Changes to application code can be deployed exclusively via the application’s Git repository. The freistilbox deployment process will then automatically apply this update to all your application boxes at the same time.

How to perform code updates

You simply update your application locally on your dev machine and push the changes. See our tutorial for details.

From here, you can use staging environments to build a continuous integration workflow.