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Shell access for maintenance and troubleshooting

Most web applications need to run regular maintenance tasks. From time to time, site administrators also need to execute ad-hoc commands. On freistilbox all that is easy because the hosting platform provides you with a separate login shell for each site instance. In order to run maintenance jobs independent of the boxes that deliver your application’s web content, your freistilbox cluster comes with its own dedicated shell server.

This shell server’s hostname is where “NN” is the numeric ID of your freistilbox cluster, for example

Every website instance has its own user account named after its site ID, for example s123. Adding your public SSH key to a website instance on the freistilbox Dashboard automatically gives you login access via its user account.

Using the login shell

Using the site ID as user name, you can access the shell box like this:


On the shell server, you’ll find a complete web application environment with your application’s code and access to its asset files and configuration snippets. In the directory current, your web application is deployed in the same way as on the application boxes that run your website.

The target to which current points will change during deployment. If you actually need to update your application while you work in a shell session, please make sure to cd ~/current again after pushing your changes.

Transferring files via SFTP

Using the same user account, you can also access your website’s asset files via SFTP. This enables you to transfer files from and to your web application. Your public shared files (directly available to external HTTP clients) can be found under current/docroot, in the directories you defined as shared folders in the Boxfile. Your private shared files (only available to your application) can be found in current/private.

Shared storage space

The following command will show you the size of your cluster’s shared storage for media asset files and how much of it is currently available:

df -hT /glfs

If you need help

We’ll be happy to support you in solving any problem you have with running your web application on the freistilbox hosting platform. You’ll find all important details on the technical support page.