Ready-made configuration snippets

The freistilbox deployment process automatically creates a subdirectory named config, located on the same level as the docroot directory which contains your web application. This config subdirectory provides CMS-specific configuration snippets that you can include into your application settings.

Since the config directory is on the same level as docroot, you simply integrate these snippets into your application configuration using a relative path like this:


WARNING If you put the require_once statement at the beginning of your configuration file, you risk the included settings being overridden by settings further down in your configuration file. Most of the time this leads to unexpected behaviour, so we recommend appending the require_once at the end of your configuration file.

Drupal configuration snippets

Drupal-specific configuration snippets are stored in the directory ../config/drupal/.

Example: settings.php for a Drupal 8 site


The following configuration files are available:

  • settings-«version»-site.php – General website settings, for example Reverse Proxy settings.
  • settings-«version»-dbXXX.php – Database configuration. Replace “dbXXX” with the database name as listed on the freistilbox Dashboard.
  • settings-«version»-memcache.php – Memcached configuration. See “How do I enable memcached?” for details.

You have to replace «version» with a Drupal version shortcut. freistilbox supports the shortcuts “d6”, “d7” and “d8”.

WordPress configuration snippets

At this time, we don’t provide configuration snippets for WordPress. Please contact our support team if you need help configuring your WordPress application.